Taerin Holdings

Korean cosmetics trading, wholesale and distributing company based in South Korea

Welcome to the Taerin Holdings trading company

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We are a Korea-based trading company that mainly exports Korean cosmetics to the world. We have a deep partnership with the manufacturers to supply Korean products in the best condition with affordable wholesale price.

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Our delivery is hyper-focused on security, verifying all our service providers to create trustworthy space for all businesses to easily complete global trade transactions


Our Specialization

Korean cosmetics

Korean brands basic cosmetics, and beauty tools

Korean Food

Korean water, health food, and various food products


a variety of clothes, shoes, hats, etc clothing products

Household Goods

all the necessities of life, such as tissues and paper


Treatment fillers used in hospitals (hyaluronic acid)

Home appliances

kitchen utensils, office supplies, electronic devices

We export to the world

K-beauty has become famous all over the world, and Korean cosmetics exports are increasing. Up to now, our company exported cosmetics to 21 countries around the world. 




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